Cosmic Arch

Artist鹿田 淳史 SHIKATA Atsushi
ExhibitionKobe Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition
PlaceTokiwa Park

The gunmetal gate glitters in gold, raised to a height of 3.4m. Two prisms stand erect from the ground but start to twist in the upper part and finally unite with each other at the top end. Both the prisms and the twisted top are made of several overlapping and welded parts to form an orderly and harmonious (cosmic) gate. As it stands in the water, the shimmering water surface, forever changing with the light of the sun traveling the sky, is reflected on the sculpture to envelop the entire space in the infinite transition. The artwork is the winner of Ube City Open-air Sculpture Museum Award at the 11th Biennial of Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition at Suma Rikyu Park, Kobe.
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