Sound (Miniature)

OwnerUbe City
Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese Title響 (縮小版)
Artist中巳出 理 NAKAMIDE Rii
ExhibitionThe 11st UBE Biennale
PlaceTokiwa Park
MaterialStainless Steel

The sculptor is originally an ikebana (flower arrangement) artist, who boldly challenged the open-air sculpture project. The original sculpture produced for the exhibition was as tall as 5 meters and made of bended stainless pipes piled around a rotation axis, forming a wing and rotating lightly by the wind. After the exhibition, the object was relocated to the School of Medicine, Yamaguchi University, where it was unfortunately uprooted by a typhoon with a wind speed exceeding 50m/s. The piece, presently on display in the indoor exhibition room of the Lake Hall, is a miniature of the original model.
Document ID21528
Source第11回現代日本彫刻展 毎日新聞社賞(縮小再制作)