Wind Music

Artist岩城 信嘉 IWAKI Nobuyoshi
ExhibitionThe 10th UBE Biennale

Upon exiting Ube Airport, the city’s gateway of the sky, a sculpture consisting of four winding and huddling white granite pillars greets travelers. Two of them, lying in the front like sprawled legs, and the other two, sticking up from the ground and supporting the front pillars, snuggle up their upper bodies to each other. The four round cross sections cut in the same direction at the same angle serve as their “faces”, turning to the sun and looking wholesome. The sculpture epitomizes the generous public spirit of the citizens of Ube, who have spent three decades to transform their community into the renowned home of sculptures. Its presence brings in a refreshing breeze to the scenery.
Document ID21520
Source第10回現代日本彫刻展 大賞(宇部市賞)Grand Prize (Ube City Prize)