Slough Landscape

Artist重村 三雄 SHIGEMURA Mitsuo
ExhibitionThe 10th UBE Biennale
PlaceCity Center

At the top of the plinth is a cicada shell, laid upside down. When an identical work was installed in the local high school of the artist’s hometown, mothers were said to have complained about the negative image of the “empty shell” on education. The sculptor’s retort was sharp: “What, like your empty womb?” Empty Shell of Landscape therefore has a profound implication. In the 1970s, the artist surprised pedestrians with cast models of real persons displayed in show windows in Ginza, Tokyo. His resin techniques have continuously been refined since then as he advanced to the field of open-air sculpture. Apparently, the statue has now become a popular hanami (cherry blossom) party sport for the citizens of Ube.
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