Super Space

Artist多田 美波 TADA Minami
ExhibitionThe 4th UBE Biennale
PlaceCity Center

Cars and pedestrians passing by over this Hyperspace grow bigger, shrink, emerge from nowhere, suddenly shrivel and disappear, or elongate and vanish. Following the example of the 3rd exhibition, the 4th Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition in 1971 invited works under a theme – fiber reinforced plastics (FRP). By binding a thermally transformed transparent FRP with transparent acrylic sheets from both sides, the sculptor has made a “moving canvas” incorporating the background. The sculpture is presently located on the fountain pond by JR Ube Shinkawa Station Crossing, where Symbol Road starts.
Document ID21481
Source第4回現代日本彫刻展 大賞(宇部市賞)Grand Prize (Ube City Prize)