Passion - i

OwnerUbe City
Search TypeOutdoor Sculpture
Japanese Title執念-い
Artist志水 晴兒 SHIMIZU Seiji
ExhibitionThe 1st Exhibition of All Japan Sculpture Concours
PlaceCity Center

The sculpture consists of black and white granite stones. On two white granite stones serving as pedestal, a black granite stone, standing on both supports, forms the shape of “い (i)”, a hiragana character. Actually, the single shape does not consist of two detached parts like “い”, but the separate pedestal is causing the black stone to about to split in two. Because the sculptor meticulously polished the stretching and thinning connection between the splitting parts and roughly carved out the parts forming “い” shape, it gives a visual impression that there is a force tearing the work apart. The work is the winner of Grand Prix at the National Sculpture Competition (1963), the predecessor of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition.
Document ID21458
Source第1回全国彫刻コンクール応募展 大賞(宇部興産株式会社賞)Grand Prize