Artist五十嵐 芳三 IGARASHI Yoshizo
ExhibitionThe 1st Exhibition of All Japan Sculpture Concours
PlaceTokiwa Park

In the early days of Ube City’s open-air sculpture competition (Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition), many works employed cement as the choice of material and sought for an expression between representationalism and abstractiveness in their forms. Sculptors, still underfunded at the time, tried to achieve their ambitions for open-air expressions through trials and errors in the use of materials. The statues of parents and a child with notably small heads, probably under the influence of Henry Moore, flaunt stereotypical characteristics of statures of man and woman, but an awareness of the open space is visible in the hollows and holes created between the figures. The work entered the National Sculpture Competition, the predecessor of the 1st Contemporary Japanese Sculpture Exhibition.
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