The Monument of the Industrial City, Ube

Artist山内 壮夫 YAMANOUCHI Takeo
PlaceCity Center

Takeo Yamauchi was a sculptor from Hokkaido. Together with Shin Hongo, Yoshitatsu Yanagihara, Churyo Sato, and Yasutake Funakoshi, he founded the sculpture division of Shinseisaku-ha (today’s Shinseisaku) Society in 1939. The work, meant to serve as a monument celebrating the postwar restoration, was commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce, which raised fund for the sculpture. While the memorial is a manifestation of blatant modernism, the shovel held by the man and woman and the young leaves stemming from the shovel capture the industrial nature of Ube City very well. When the statue was erected, however, Ube was a city notorious for soot dust pollution, which triggered grassroot movements like greenery campaigns and “Full of Flowers” campaigns, which eventually developed into the sculpture competition.
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