FO199100003000_000000_001.jpg, 0000/00/00撮影, Public Domain

Sunset on the Sea I

TitleSunset on the Sea I
Artistライオネル・ファイニンガー Lyonel FEININGER
Mediumoil on canvas
Accession NumberFO199100003000
SummaryIn this painting, the sun shines brightly above the high horizon line, sending rays of light out over the ocean to the shore where two figures stand still. The composition in which a human figure, characteristics of Feininger’s seascapes of the twenties, was placed at the apex of the delicate curve of the shoreline, is reminiscent of the Gentian Romantic painter. Caspar David Friedrich's "Monk by the Sea" (1808-10). The figures are not only an important part of the composition, they work together with the slanting rays of sunlight to provide a measure of the wide expanse of space. In the late twenties, Feininger's paintings became more geometric. He used clear colors to build up a faceted layered Cubist surface with emphatic verticals and horizontals, creating a highly abstract, impeccably tranquil world.